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AI agents, your way

Cogniti is designed by educators, and built by educators, to empower educators.

Create steerable and accurate agents powered by generative AI. Cogniti is designed to let teachers build custom chatbot agents that can be given specific instructions, and specific resources, to assist student learning in context-sensitive ways.


Create AI agents and control how they will interact with students.


Provide your AI agents with web pages, files, and other resources to answer more accurately.


Provide all students with the same access to powerful AI agents.


Understand how your students are interacting with AI agents, to inform your teaching.

Create and steer AI agents

As a teacher, control how the AI agents interact with students – just by using natural language. Want an agent to just be a Socratic tutor and not just give away answers? Just say the word.

Give your agents resources and bake them into the LMS

Resources help your agents stay true to your course material. Students can interact with AI agents that you build, right from within the LMS. Every student can leverage the power of AI, in the way that you want them to.

Why Cogniti?

We built Cogniti because we recognised some limitations of general-purpose generative AI tools, particularly in an institutional context. Cogniti can offer you and your students:

  • Equitable access
  • More reliable outputs
  • More control over how AI is used
  • Institutional accounts
  • More awareness of how students are using AI
  • An easier-to-use AI

We are driven by values

We are teachers. We understand the power of generative AI, the centrality of human teachers, the importance of pedagogy – and the magic that happens when these are combined.